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Indian Women Jewelry

Indian women are the most decorated in the world. And it is not surprising, because this incredible beauty of precious stones and metals created by masters for five thousand years.

Some modern women of fashion will say about an Indian woman with the whole set of traditional jewelery — she is dressed up like a Christmas tree. What to do: in India, the decoration of a woman is not just jewelry, but a special language that tells others about her status and the events taking place in life.

A complete set of jewelry called Sringar and consists of 16 attributes. This also includes bindi (point on the forehead), syndur (dye or ash in the hair, depending on the case), make-up, sari and mehendi. We look specifically at the jewelry.


One of the most beautiful jewelry, today rare in the western world of fashion. This is a suspension on the forehead, which is mounted on the back of his head. For the first time a girl puts on a tick during a wedding, later on it is one of the symbols of a married woman.


Это золотое кольцо в носу. Его также надевают невесты после первой брачной ночи, так как нат – древнейший символ дефлорации. В Индии считается самым сексуальным украшением.


Necklace on the neck. Usually the most expensive of the decorations. And here it is impossible not to admire the millennial fantasy of Indian jewelers. Many of the haar that are found in any jewelry store are true works of art.

Karn Phul

This earrings, literally translated as «flower in the ears.» The more massive and expensive earrings, the higher the status of the hostess. Some earrings are so heavy that they are attached to the hair. In general, Indian girls pierce their ears almost in infancy. According to Ayurveda, a punctured earlobe sharpens vision and improves memory. And the earrings constantly stimulate this body point important in acupuncture with their movement.


These are thin bracelets on hands. Indian women usually wear 8, 12 or 24 bracelets on each hand. Married women choose gold, silver and platinum, young girls and girls are happy to wear a bunch of plastic bracelets.

India is the world leader in gold production and consumption. At the moment, 11% of the global supply of this metal is in the hands (ears, legs, necks …) of Indian housewives. A woman is endowed with jewelry throughout her life, so the mother of a family under ninety years looks like, if not like a Christmas tree, then just like the golden fund of a family.

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