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20 tips will help you to slim

After numerous trips to visit and do nothing, you may find that you have gained extra pounds. 20 tips will help you avoid this.

1. Do not skip breakfast on the day of the celebration.

If you’re thinking of skipping breakfast and lunch to feed your appetite for dinner, don’t do it. Instead, eat a hearty breakfast that you don’t want to eat anymore. Then in the evening there will be no desire to overeat.

2. Choose protein foods

Proteins give a feeling of fullness, so be sure to cook meat dishes like chicken or turkey. Quinoa, lentils, legumes are suitable as vegetarian options.

3. When you go to visit, bring something with you.

In order not to guess what made this or that dish at a party and if you can eat it, bring a backup option with you. Let this dish be useful, as a salad or light dessert.4. Eat slowly

When you eat fast, the body has no time to understand that it is full. So don’t rush, chew slowly and enjoy every bite.

5. Don’t put all the dishes on the table at once.

Serve food like they do in restaurants: one meal at a time. Don’t put everything on the table at once. After eating a portion, take a break and think about whether it’s worth supplementing.

6. Eat more fiber.

Snacks on the vegetables and add the beans to the dishes. They contain many fibers and help to stay longer.7. Use small plates.

Try to fool yourself and serve food on small plates — all the portions seem to them the most. And on the big plates, on the contrary, I want to put the food over and over again.

8. Don’t forget about healthy fats.

Fats must be included in the diet, provide energy and promote the absorption of the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. The good fats are found in olive oil, nuts, avocado. Don’t forget to add them to salads: fibers and fats increase fats and satiety. useful properties of each other.

9. Reject refined sugar.

Eat foods that are naturally present in sugar: fruits, vegetables, whole grains. If you really want to try a cake or another dessert, take a small piece.

10. Don’t be afraid to refuse

Some people like to add supplements to supplements and it’s often inconvenient to refuse. But don’t force yourself to eat too much, just kindly not.

11. Wait before taking the supplement.

The signal that food has entered the stomach reaches the brain only after 20 minutes. So, before imposing a second part, get up from the table, walk, chat with friends. Maybe later you will realize that you don’t want to eat anymore.

12. Eat less fast carbs.

White bread, pastries, sweets and soda contain simple carbohydrates. They break down quickly, skip the blood sugar levels, but as a result, very soon we will feel we are eating again. It is better to give preference to complex carbohydrates: whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa.

13. Remove the leftovers

Fold everything that remains intact and place it in the fridge or freeze it. If the food is not in front of your eyes, you will not get another supplement and you will not translate. Or put food in containers and give it to guests when they leave.

14. Turn off the TV while eating

Moving on to your favorite movies, we don’t realize how much they ate sweets and chocolates. Yes, and junk food advertising increases the desire to eat or drink something high in calories.

15. Chew the cud

It will stop you when you reach another sandwich or a piece of cake.

16. Stay away from temptations.

The closer you get to food, the more you eat. Turn around so that the tempting desserts are not in your view. Try to listen to your stomach and not just rely on your eyes.

17. Do not lean on alcohol.

With it, you not only get the extra calories, but you can’t control yourself. In this state, eating is much easier.

18. Take a break

By denying you a particular dish, you just want to eat it more. Try some pieces and, in order not to overeat, think about a pleasant holiday activity. For example, as you open gifts, watch your favorite New Year’s movie or play snowballs. You get distracted, and the desire to eat something tasty will weaken a lot. «Cognitive experimental approach to understanding and reducing food cravings.

19. Drink water

Water will give you a feeling of fullness and you will eat less. . Furthermore, unlike soda and juices, it has no calories and sugars. So treat yourself to a glass of wine at dinner and then drink plain water.

20. Set realistic goals.

At the beginning of the new year, we are used to setting new goals for ourselves, but impracticable aspirations (for example, losing two sizes by February) only lead to disappointment. Formulate specific achievable goals, write them down and place them in a clearly visible place, for example, on the refrigerator door. By always having them in front of your eyes, you will be easier to stay with them.

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