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How to grow a good crop of cucumbers in the open field

Came cucumber time. And no matter how you plant cucumbers in a seedling or seedless manner, the harvest is directly dependent on caring for them. Taking care of cucumbers is easy, especially if you know some tricks that will allow you to grow a good crop of cucumbers.

We water, but do not fill.
Perhaps the most important thing on which both the quality and the quantity of Zelentsakh depend is the competent watering. If the moisture is low, then the cucumbers are uneven and bitter. On average, they should be watered at least once every six days. But in hot weather, the amount of watering should be increased.

But it also happens that it rains without ceasing. Then you have to take care of ridding cucumbers from waterlogging. In this case, along the beds lay drainage grooves that drain moisture. Otherwise, the roots begin to rot, and the quality of the Zelentsi themselves also decreases.

Orientation is better not on the weather forecast, but on the condition of the soil and the plants themselves. The first sign of the need for irrigation — dry soil under plantings. It is important to take into account one more circumstance: young plants need less moisture (an average of enough buckets of water per square meter), but they need to be watered more often.

For adult plants, you need a bucket under each root. Cucumber is a very thermophilic plant, since its birthplace is in hot India. Therefore, nighttime low temperatures and cold water for irrigation reduce its yield. If you planted cucumbers in the greenhouse, it is sometimes useful to drench the plant with water called “from head to toe”.

Watering cucumbers in the open requires more care. Drops of moisture under the bright sun will cause sunburn on the leaves. Therefore, cucumbers are watered either in the morning or in the evening, when the sun’s rays do not heat at full strength.

We give breathe.
For cucumbers, good aeration of the soil is very important, so after each watering or rain you need to loosen the soil around the plantings. But this should be done with great care, because the roots of this plant lie shallow. Handle with lashes carefully, they can only be lifted during loosening, but not shifted from place to place.

We feed cucumbers.
Without top dressing it is difficult to grow a good crop of cucumbers. Therefore, it is desirable to do this at least twice a season. The first time is still at the seedling stage, the second time is at the beginning of fruiting. In general, cucumbers are very grateful for feeding. Do not disappoint them and they will not disappoint you.

From organics fit mullein (1 liter of mullein per 10 liters of water) or chicken droppings with added ash (about 2 cups per 10 liters of water). We choose nitrogen and potash fertilizers from mineral fertilizers, especially if green whales have already appeared on the lashes.

Plants grown on vertical beds, it is necessary to arrange foliar dressing about once every three weeks.

The best starter for cucumbers is bread sourdough. Cook it easy!
Fill 2/3 of the bucket with sliced ​​crust of black bread, cover with water and press down with something heavy. Otherwise, the crusts will rise when the bread starts to sour.

Put the bucket in a warm place for a week. Before use, the starter must be filtered from the bread crumbs. Then dilute the resulting starter with two liters of water. And pour cucumbers under the root with this bread means. Such feeding can be carried out once a week from the beginning of flowering until wilting.

We restore the root system of cucumber with the help of potassium humate.
It happens so that after a month and a half of active fruiting, the yield of cucumbers decreases and fruits of irregular shape begin to appear. If the plant does not have any obvious signs of disease, then it is possible that the cucumber plant simply “wore out” the root system and it became poorly absorbed nutrients from the soil.

To help the cucumber restore the root system is able to potassium humate. But before applying it, it is necessary to cut off old and damaged leaves with a knife as close as possible to the stem. To avoid the possible infection of cucumber various diseases. And also it is necessary to cut off the sprouting shoots. This procedure reduces the load on the root system.

Next, we need to produce root dressing of cucumbers with potassium humate. Thanks to which we will restore and increase the root system of cucumber. For this you need 20 ml. Potassium HUMATE dissolved in 10 liters of water. And pour cucumbers at the rate of 5 liters per square meter with this solution. meter.

Increase the yield of cucumbers.
The number of fruits on cucumber lashes directly depends on the number of female flowers on them. There are some tricks to help increase yields.

Over the increase in yield of cucumbers, care must be taken from the moment of preparing the seeds for planting. Pre-sowing warming up of cucumber seeds for 3 hours at a temperature of up to 60 ° C will significantly increase the number of female flowers on the plant.

Moderate nitrogen supplements throughout the season can increase the number of female flowers in cucumber by 30%. In addition to nitrogen supplements, boric supplements can also significantly increase the number of female flowers produced by cucumber plants.

In late-ripening varieties, at the stage of four to five leaves, a top bud is attached. This stimulates the formation of additional shoots with female flowers. During budding significantly reduce watering. The plant perceives it as a threat and begins to actively fight for life.

Among the drugs that can be purchased in the store, pay attention to growth hormones. They are intended precisely so that the female flowers on plants appear as much as possible.

What categorically should not be used to increase the yield of cucumbers, so these are preparations which include gibberellic acid. Because it really increases the number of flowers on a plant, but pumpkin plants to which cucumber belongs, it increases the number of male flowers to the detriment of female ones.

Pickling cucumbers.
Sometimes to increase the yield do ringing of the stems. To do this, just below the very first leaves from the root of the leaves, make a shallow annular incision with a clean knife. This technology allows you to reduce the flow of nutrients to the roots.

As a result, nutrients are largely directed to the formation and growth of fruits. Ringing is a procedure only for dry weather! Because there is a danger of infection of cucumbers fungal diseases. The blade of the knife before banding must be wiped with alcohol or dipped in a solution of potassium permanganate.

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