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5 Reasons to Drink Fresh Juice Daily

We all know that what we eat and drink affects our health, but in today’s society this is almost too simple to be practical. In fact, just can be better; and the juice is easy. There has been juicing for some time, but it has only lately been due to the presence of TV presenters such as Drs. Oz developed into mainstream. This is huge for the health of our world as more and more people will be exposed to this fantastic lifestyle. The consumption of fresh juice contributes to a positive lifestyle, because our body is optimally nourished thereby.

The pressing of fruits and vegetables of all kinds makes them super foods that are easily and optimally absorbed by the body. We recommend that you always attach a kind of green to your juice. You will be surprised by the taste and the health benefits are enormous.


Fruit juices are one of the best ways to treat and detoxify the body. it is also one of the fastest. Everybody knows the main advantages of the daily intake of sufficient fruits and vegetables in our diet: The pressing makes it even easier and more comfortable.

The fresh juice is rich in easily digestible and rapidly absorbed enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Drinking a glass daily improves your health, gives you more energy, detoxifies your body, and improves disease recovery. Many people have even cured illnesses with juices.

In fact, a famous doctor, Dr. Max Gerson, a cancer patient with a juice therapy regime, along with Ann Wigmore, co-founder of the Hippocrates Health Institute. If you feel led, read his story. In fact, he has cured cancer patients with his health care system. His teachings include a well-known book called The Gerson Therapy.

2. weight loss
When people start to get «juicy» (drinking juice every day or even having juice parties), they really get excited because they immediately start losing weight. They are often thrilled with initial weight loss and see more benefits over time, such as a strengthened immune system, better digestion, fewer allergies, balanced hormones and fewer diseases and chronic diseases.

Juice fasting, or better called juice feasting, is more popular today than ever. Most who start willingly report a weight loss of 7-9 pounds per week. Generally, most people organize a juice party for 3 to 7 days.

Many have even ventured onto the route for 90 days and beyond. Overall, fasting and detoxifying the juice can be a great way to release weight, toxins, and the body’s natural health.

Imagine 900 seconds of every living cell in your fist of the body beating to the rhythm of each chus. If you tried to eat any vegetables contained in a simple juice recipe, it would take longer for your body to not digest it or take any vitamins and you would probably be really full. It’s also good to eat raw vegetables, but the juice is where you know you need vitamins and minerals. Dehydrated? Celery juice Tired? Green juice with ginger or lemon. Continue to infinity. For every need there is a fresh juice.

Your body can digest the fresh juice in about 15 minutes and absorb most nutrients from it. Imagine 900 seconds of every living cell in your fist pulsing with the speed of each bob. You will literally feel your body thanking you for a healthy hydration.

Of course, if you make a fresh juice, it will contain traces of minerals and enzymes that you will not find in any bottled juice in the store.

Together with the momentum of the absorbed vitamins you strengthen the power of your soul with pure, living food. The living enzymes contained in the juice are also a great help for the digestive process.

Everyone can not wait to eat or have a snack. The true beauty of the juice is that you can brake so many. If sugar is what you need, an apple or orange juice can handle it. The sugar that comes from fruits and vegetables is natural and ultimately better than processed sugar.

Herbs and spices can give your juices different flavors. But if you are looking for something specific, you really have to get creative. For example, we have already prepared a pizza juice (yes, we said pizza).

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