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As the US, Israel and Europe destroy banned products and goods

As the US, Israel and Europe destroy banned products and goods

In the United States and Europe, a huge number of hungry people, and the American and European authorities prefer to destroy smuggled food and prohibited goods than to distribute them to the hungry and suffering.

This is how Americans crack down on food that is banned from importation into the United States:
My favorite girl went through U.S. customs on Wednesday.

Nothing so unusual — vervain, harissa and dried meat from Tunisia, truffles from France (probably Algerian), well, in Barcelona she had a conference.

Dog at an airport at once took the trail, and her not skinny police arrived: so have you got the jamon — it is banned; I can’t believe — you still and chorizo (Spanish sausages); and why verbena smells like a lemon — citrus is prohibited; Oh, the mushrooms — here they lay; in the harissa you have the seeds of peppers — it is impossible; you have so many carry dry mint — it is impossible, there is certainly the bugs are bad…

At the airport is the similarity of food vacuum cleaner — there are all rammed in her eyes and her into a large trash uploaded.

But all this is her family, friends, love cooking.

If anyone knows-50 million people in the United States go to bed hungry, of which 20 million-children.
But it would seem: they had their own gulags — I go fishing there; and Holodomors — all the main routes were built in the 30s by workers for food once a day.

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